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Hidden Harmony

The work featured here is designed for a game that is primarily about making music to bring a world back to life. Each environment is intended to inherit the combination of a creature and an instrument. In the working game, there is a wolf with speakers, so that is subwoofer's den. As such, subwoofer's den should be intense, bright, and remind you of a rave.

The environment created is based loosely on concept art created by an illustrator, including references pulled from a mood board shared by the team.

Matthew nutt latest

A view of the cave's den. Mushroom sconces light the walls and bone pillars line it as well, with crystals and mushrooms in every crevice.

Matthew nutt morecaps

The two mushroom creatures come back when music is played throughout the room, and will eventually dance too!

Matthew nutt worksample2

A view of the cave as you enter. It is dark at first, but gets brighter and more neon as you go further.

Matthew nutt worksample1

A view of the forest that you first see upon beginning the game. Its design is intentionally bland compared to the ominous or inviting biomes of the world.